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ONE TIME OFFER $97: If you want to get the most out of Engagement Monster Ai you'll want to use our AI features to generate comments for you. If you want to do this in the best possible way, pick up our in-depth AI training to help you fully understand AI and train it properly to sound like you.

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Will I be billed montnly?
NO. This is a $1 one time payment and there is no automated monthly charge that you are agreeing to with this 100 engagment offer. You won't automatically be billed anything after your 100 engagments are used up. 
How much is it after the 100 Engagments?
Less than $1 a day. If you want to upgrade and get unlimited engagments you can upgrade for just $29/month to the full unlocked unlimited engagments version of the software if you want to upgrade. 


We do not offer any money back guarantee or refunds on this product...we know the software works and does wonders for your engagment if you use it. 

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